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Developing a Health Services Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Developing a Health Services Plan - Essay Example The development of the Aged Care Service plan includes a primary focus on the span of area to be serviced in order to identify the amount of workforce, population demographics, finances and model of care which will be adapted. The health care services are formulated on the variable of health; according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2008, p.18), health is an ever changing factor and it keeps evolving. A health care plan is particularly designed to safeguard, develop, promote and maintain the well being and health of the respective citizens (NSW Health Development, 2006, p.5). The aged care services plan will focus on catering to the apparent and underlying needs of the senior citizens of Cook. The principle behind would be an adaptable and flexible system, as Jonas, Goldsteen, & Goldsteen (2007, p.8) are of the view that a system’s management must include functions of administration, planning, regulation and evaluation. According to United States Department of Labor (2010), the nature of health care system is expected to be such that it combines medical technology and human touch with diagnoses, treatments, thus responding to the health care needs of the general population. The development plan for the services includes proper identification of the necessary inputs like equipments, workforce, and staff and drugs etc. because as World Health Organization (2011) puts it, service provisions explain the way inputs are combined to allow delivery of health interventions. Planning and Development Principals: The Aged Care Service Plan will be formed following few principals. The principal approach will reduce the interventions, clarify the direction of the strategic planning, provide ease of control and allow a quality implementation of the system and as expressed by Wetmore (2000, n.d.), it increases productivity. The principals have been chalked out below: Focus should be on identifying the most appropriate model of service by Border Regions f or current and future needs of Cook’s senior community. The Aged Care Service plan should be an integration of the Health Care system as a whole, with goals aligned with that of entire Border Regions system. The senior citizens should be allowed and supported to live independently as and when appropriate for their well being. The Planning Process: The Aged Care Unit of the Border Region Health Services System will be developed through the following calculated stages: 1. Formulating a work committee. 2. Identification of the inputs (resources and raw materials) 3. Identification and integration of the goals with the system requirements 4. Implementation of the processes and activities to deliver those requirements 5. Analysis of the output and implementation of the managerial control function on continual basis. 1. Formulating a work committee: The work committee for Aged Care Services Planning shall consist of three sub teams namely: The Strategic Team: This team shall be res ponsible for setting direction and goals for the action plans. A strategic team is responsible for setting up governing principals and operations of all Aged Care services in the area (Presbyterian Aged Care, 2008). The team will preferably include qualified practitioners from Border Region’s pre existing units like the emergency services, outreach services and allied health care. The team will define and create the essentials of the plan in the form of a

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