Thursday, November 28, 2019

Being a Balayan Volunteer Essays

Being a Balayan Volunteer Essays Being a Balayan Volunteer Essay Being a Balayan Volunteer Essay Being a Balayan volunteer is a great opportunity for me to help other people and our environment. In every community that we go theirs a lot of learning’s that I gained, lot of things I had shared and especially a lot of smiles I had received from them. And in every tree planting, mangrove planting, coastal cleaning that I joined, even in that simple ways to help the environment it is still a big contribution that I made for our mother earth. In Balayan I discover my passion, to help, help and help physically, emotionally, and spirituality.I thank my co-volunteers that made me part of them, the staffs and Sir Myk the program officer of Balayan has really welcomed me in the office, and they always giving us opportunities to make us a good citizen that Balayan always conduct seminars for are betterment , like the Basic Orientation Seminar in which a lot of learnings I gained, about how to be an effective and good leader, and what’s volunteerism. Another seminar that I attended in balayan is the Pinoy Big Voter–training for trainers which help me clear my fear to vote, because it is my first time that I’ll vote this coming election.In this seminar I was able to know my right as a person the right to vote, and to vote honestly and wisely that before I or we vote we must really know who to vote right. In joining Balayan I go to some places that is new to me and meet those great people and in them I also learned from their experiences in life that I can apply to my life later on. I am blessed that Im one of the volunteer in Balayan, because I can experience great things and adventure that ordinary student can’t experience. It also enlightened me the reality of life, that I hope other student here in La Salle could see.

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